Hi, my name is Santi and I was born and raised in Barcelona. I studied Civil engineering in there and started to work as such, but programming has always been my thing. For that reason I started a Computer Science degree two years ago which I’m really enjoying.

On winter 2013 I attended to Hacker School, a three months full-time programming bootcamp in New York City. I met a lot of really interesting, smart and nice people and my knowledge and programming skills increased a lot.

One of the things I discovered recently but I’m absolutely in love is functional programming. It opened a new world of intelectual challenges and showed my new ways to tackle problems even in non-functional programming languages. As for what languages I like, I started messing around with Scala and Haskell but I’ve been more focused in F# lately .

I also like building small games using JavaScript or compiled-to-JavaScript languages such as Coffeescript or TypeScript so that I can simply run them in the browser. Some examples are this Asteroids remake with rigid body collisions or this multiplayer Pacman game.